Quintana is your campus specific marketplace. Our platform makes it possible for students and faculty at a particular college to buy, sell , barter and offer services.

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Easy to use, Safe, Secure Payment System & Loads More

Helping students build a private social economy one listing at time.

Instant Messaging

Instantly communicate with potential buyers, sellers or service providers through the app.

Integrated Wallet

Seamlessly buy, sell, barter and transfer money on campus without having to stop at the ATM.

Transaction Management

Detailed tracking of all transactions that are executed through the app for easy conflict resolution and improved financial management.

Lots of exciting features!

From rideshare to apartment listings to delivery services, haircare, laundry services and event classifieds. Quintana has it all!

Connect with your campus community & save on the things you need!

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Find everything you need all in one spot from books and rides , all the way to clothing, tickets, class notes and loads more!

Need an apartment? Quint it!!

Need the latest electronic gadgets? Quint It!!

Need a photographer, a haircut or simply food delivered? Quint it!!.

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